About Us R4R

It is the year 2010 when the alarm goes off for the first time in decades, 333 Rhinos killed illegally in South Africa for their valued horns.

2011, just a year later and the number of fallen Rhinos has climbed to 448… surely this cannot be happening again? Surely, not in this day and age, something has to be done to put an end to the senseless slaughter of one of South Africa’s most majestic and iconic animals… Something has to be done…
Something BIG, something EPIC, something Rocking!!!

2012 sees the dawn of a new era as a new breed of Conservation Heroes emerge from the bloodied battlefields of the bushveld, they have been sent to Earth for one purpose… To protect South Africa’s Wildlife from the poacher scum that rapes and pillages the land on a daily basis. They are known around these parts as “ Rocking For Rhinos”! No longer will South Africa’s threatened Wildlife be left alone to fend for itself, for as long as poacher scum invades the land, Rocking For Rhinos will be there in full force to CONSERVE, PRESERVE and PROTECT!

About us

Rocking for Rhinos was formed in January of 2012 and presented a core group of four individuals. By April 2012, this had grown to include 8 extremely motivated, passionate, and dedicated people. The Rocking for Rhinos group is united by one fundamental reason; the now critical plight of South Africa’s disappearing rhinos. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the abolishment of rhino poaching, however we understand that this is currently a highly optimistic view. Thus, our sole purpose is to do absolutely everything we can to contribute to the fight against rhino poachers. This includes spreading awareness and placing pressure on local and foreign governments to create change...